Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Loren: (-)

Take my hand, babe, he said.
I'll show you a new world.

One that you've not seen.
One that you've barely tasted.
One that you've been the audience.
But never the performer.

He smiled. It was charming. His charm slid over her thickly. She wanted to smile back. But it was stifling. Intoxicating. Binding.

Take my hand, he coaxed.
Live your life.
Stand in shadows no more.
Come into the light.
Bare, stripped, whole.
Let the world see you.

She reached to place her trembling hand in his. His large one seemed to devour her timid one - a boa and a mouse.

T-The whole world will see me? She stuttered, shedding the last dredges of girlishness from her voice to slip into a new voice. Softer, lower, huskier.

Yes. His thumb stroked her wrist, finding the fluttering pulse beating wildly against his touch. He smiled again, shadows in the corners of his lips.

And they will love you.

Her eyelashes dipped downwards for heartbeat, before meeting his with naked vulnerability.

There will

Yes. His fingers enclosed around hers. They will love how I will love you. With the soft expulsion of her breath taken as assent, he triumphantly pulled her forward to stumble after him into the Visible World where the light was blinding.

To be seen.
To be stripped bare.
To be loved.
To be broken.

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