Saturday, February 28, 2009

tilly: Abode

Slightly continuing from the previous post, I have decided to post up the full set of pictures from Apartment Therapy of Marcus Nispell's loft. It is nearly my ideal but I would tweak it a bit more. The space is amazing and I love the exposed walls of course as is the norm of a New York Loft.

All images courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Friday, February 27, 2009

tilly: Our email is filled with Dominos

Colleagues and I were talking about ideals today.

They wanted the sun, sand, beach, a pile of books and pina colada.

I want this.

1. Insert music

2. Insert city

3. Insert weather

4. Insert room

5. Insert drink

Thursday, February 26, 2009

tilly: Still in stealth

But, I managed to get a new movie crush.

Better known as Ben from Chasing Liberty.  I blame TV One showing MatchPoint last Sunday.

Also, I am in a "I-know-the-whole-world-hates-me-and-I-hate-them-back-even-more" mood.

Matthew Goode will be in Watchmen as Ozymandias which comes out March 5th here in NZ.
Guess where I will be???  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Loren: Hey to the Eye to the Sea

I reached new levels of bizzaro with technology.
I got so frustrated with Limewire and my Mac that I sputtered, "Farden fuck." once, before erupting in a bad case of the....hiccups.

Now I can't stop. hic.

Technology is affecting my biology. heh hic heh hic.

I know I haven't updated anything fashion wise or what-I-have-been-doing wise, but those 1000+++ entries in my google reader makes the task look I'm going to take it slowly. No point rushing to leap onto a galloping horse. I've already broken out into hiccups, and the last thing I want is to be stressed to the point of sneezing nonstop. Or having my eyelids twitch uncontrollably. 


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tilly: Turn into something beautiful

Loren, I love you.  Really.  I think the medication might need to be upped.

In other news, I burned the skin at the back of my neck with the wheat-bag.  I have a sore bneck due to sitting too long at my job (HAH!) and was told by the massage therapist that I needed to keep the muscles there warm so a wheat-bag would be good.  I only put it in the microwave for 2.5 mins (as opposed to 3 minutes) PLUS a cup of water, because otherwise the wheat in it cooks.  And then voila!  Did this 3 times and before I knew it, at about 11am, P tells me I got a mark on my neck to which M replied, "Hickey!"  I now have sore skin on the neck area.  So much for trying to get it better!

I am very very very keen to see Coldplay but alas I have no money to see them!  I am trying to scrounge up change.  I don't know where my sudden interest came about to be but I do want to see them!  I think it will be an experience of a lifetime.

He then emailed me today.

Loren: A little credit, a little tenderness

"I haven't spoken to Loren in nearly a week.  I think this is the longest self-induced avoidance I have done from her since the gchats/skype started sometime ago.  Loren, when you do come online, I am so so so so so so so sorry.  I am melancholic, dramatic, pathetic, unenthusiastic and I don't want to call you and not feel what you are saying to me.  I don't want you talking to a dead fish.  I hope you don't hate me.  Please don't hate me." --Tilly from entry, "Points Taken"

I'm going to say something here, and if you ever try to trace it back to me, I'd deny the Choo off my Jimmy that I had ever said it, but here it is.

As much affection that I harbor for Tilly, sometimes, just sometimes, the girl makes me insecure with the nonsense she puts out there when it comes to me. Its a peculiar combination of exasperation, bemusement, affection and resignation whenever she gets one of her weird worms into her brain. Not hate, not anger. I know, I should be focusing on the craziness that is Tilly, but that's like trying to hit a dartboard with a bazooka. Too easy. I would like to think that it isn't just me, who brings out the insecure chunk in her, because seriously, if after knowing me for so many years does nothing to enlighten her about my temperament, I don't know what else will. 

Maybe because I look like a person who eats hate flakes for breakfast. Maybe because I have a pinched constipated look. Maybe because I just cannot mask the "intimidating" aspect of my personality under layers of organza. Maybe that's why she thinks I can hate her so easily.

Truth is, although this might ruin my "leather chewing, biting heads off chicken heads" image, I don't hate easily. I rarely do. I don't get riled up as much as I ought to. In fact, it takes me a couple of days to work through my feelings and reach some semblance of anger. Even then it goes something like this, 

"Hey, Tilly, you know about that thing that happened a couple of days ago?"
"I think....I am irritated over it now."

As such, it makes me wonder how this reflects on Tilly's understanding of me, if she thinks that I will hate her over the fact that she needs some private time (or stronger medication, I'm not suggesting) to get all her ducks in a row. Do you know how ridiculous it sounds? To hate someone I've known/understood/loved/endured/indebted-to for so many years over the fact that she has personal problems and needs to focus on herself rather than listening to me gnash my teeth in another country?

Honestly. How deluded and selfish does she think I am?

I know that I have dedicated this post to About Me, instead of remaking on the more obvious issues that Tilly is A Nutcase, which affirms that I am extremely selfish and self-involved but hey, I don't like stating the obvious. I prefer to stand in the dusty corner where few tread to look at things. It makes me feel ssssssppppeeeecccciiiaaall.

So, Tilly, if you could lay down the cat o' nine tails long enough to think about the Loren that you do know instead of the figment-of-your-imagination-Loren, maybe you wouldn't accidentally insult my relatively placid temperament with baseless assumptions.

Give me a little credit here.
I'm fine.
We're fine, and we will continue to be fine irregardless of how many times you try to rile my temper. 
So you have one less thing to go crazy over. You are free to focus on the rest of your bananas.
Hope this made you feel better. If it didn't, hope this song does a better job than my "tough love" demeanour.

And how about the rest of you, my dear swimming-for-chum-sharks? (I was read to by Miss Flawless an article about the dozens of dangerous wildlife in Australia that could kill me. She, naturally was proud to be mentioned in the article. Twice. I jest.)  Do YOU hate me for not being on the blog for so many days? HUH?! HUH? OMG, WHAT AM I TO DO? YOU HATE ME CAUSE YOU'RE SILENT AND PROBABLY DONT HAVE YOUR OWN LIVES TO WORRY ABOUT, CAUSE ALL YOU DO IS SIT IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER SCREEN REFRESHING THIS PAGE REPEATEDLY AND FEELING ANGRIER BY THE MINUTE CAUSE THERE IS NO WORD FROM ME? OOOHHH MAAAHHH GAAAAWWWDDDD...


How do I feel about that?
Try this.

Bite me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

tilly: Because I hear him (he left me a voicemail)

So I am feeling stupid.

Disclaimer: These songs do not relate to title.

Edit: Who am I kidding??? Of course it relates to him! Why oh why cannot I admit it???

Loren: With a roar and a shriek

I'm back.
Earlier than expected.
Which only goes to show...what flirting and faux-distress can accomplish.

I'm not really proud of that.
But I am, a little.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

tilly: Staged or not?

Again, trolling through fashionlogs, I chanced upon this.

According to Catwalk Queen, the shoes were special designed Manolo Blahniks and there were several stumbles and a few models stopping to take the shoes off.  The finale had all the models doing the last walk barefoot.

Personally, I think it was all part of the show.  The models look too calm.  And being models, I think they are made of tougher (shoe)stuff.

tilly: For Loren when you get back

New looks from Kate?  I think?

Pictures all courtesy of Jak & Jil.

tilly: Kanye, Kanye, Kanye

Try typing Kanye once. Where do the "a" and "y" go??

Yes, I do find typing his name a bit of a pain.  But it could just be me.
Anyways, as I was surfing various blogs, I chanced upon Kanye rocking the LARGE LV Damier Azur backpack.

Now, that does not look like he is going to college, or like he has got his lunch in the bag.  For once a backpack looks like an accesory not something to hold your stuff in.

I couldn't carry that.  I am short enough as it is and that bag will make me look like tortoise.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

tilly: Guess who?

A certain fashion blog posted this mugshot.  I blurted his name because I was shocked it was mugshot and that he was arrested for something.  I was right at who it was but the charges were menial.

tilly: Points taken

  • I had a free colour done to my hair today.  Well, it started off at $135 but I walked out not paying anything with another colour appointment for next Saturday with another colourist.  The director of Morgan and Morgan, Alice did not like the state my hair turned out.  She didn't envision it and was very disappointed with the outcome.  Nikki, the colourist for today was so upset that the red did not turn out the way she wanted.  She had booked me in for next week and told me I am not paying anything because she fucked up.  I felt bad for her.  Then when I was having my blow-dry, Alice came up to me and asked if I could do an earlier time next Saturday because she wanted someone to do my colour.  I said ok at first and a little bit confused.  After I was done I asked to see Alice just to clear things up and she explained that she will deal with Nikki (which I felt really bad for!!!) and that she is so sorry she wasted my time.  And I asked again if I needed to pay for anything to which she scoffed and said there was NOTHING done to my hair! I am going back next week and see what happens.  Apparently I am seeing Tanya, their best colourist in the house.  
  • I haven't spoken to Loren in nearly a week.  I think this is the longest self-induced avoidance I have done from her since the gchats/skype started sometime ago.  Loren, when you do come online, I am so so so so so so so sorry.  I am melancholic, dramatic, pathetic, unenthusiastic and I don't want to call you and not feel what you are saying to me.  I don't want you talking to a dead fish.  I hope you don't hate me.  Please don't hate me.
  • I think Rachael Yamagata's Happenstance is the soundtrack to the incident with Richard.
  • There are people out there that makes me want to go back to college.  Loren, how about we head to Paris or New York and be art students?  I will do the drama classes and you do the journalism???  And we have our own little apartment filled with nothing but tonnes and tonnes of shoes, clothes, music, magazines and an oversized fluffy bed for each of us.
  • My shoe collection is looking very very very pathetic.  I want to overhaul them!
  • I think 2009 might be a year that I stay grounded.  Literally.  I don't think I want to be flying anywhere.  I just remembered how it was like on a 10-hour flight to SG and my skin always feels flat, dehydrated while my tummy bloats up and my mouth has green smoke coming out of it.  Then sometimes there is that weird dude or dudette sitting next to you...
  • I think everyone at soccer/football thinks I am gay.  I tend to act boy-ish when I am shorts, an oversized tshirt kicking and tackling a ball with a bunch of other guys.
  • Sometimes I really hate how I am.
  • I want the Sony Ericsson T700 in red.  But I am phone-avoidant at the moment.

Friday, February 20, 2009

tilly: The Swenkas

We could probably learn a little from them.

The Swenkas are a small group of Zulu working men which formed in South Africa following the abolishment of Apartheid.
These well-dressed men are proud and considered to serve as an inspiration to others. On Saturday nights, these men leave their work clothes behind and don highly fashionable quality suits to impress a judge, who is a randomly picked. Traditionally, the prize for the most stylish suit is cash, but on special occasions such as Christmas, the winner may receive a goat or a cow. This traditional fashion show still happens today, but it is unclear as to precisely when it was instigated. The men follow certain set values of Swanking, such as physical cleanliness, sobriety and above all self-respect.
In 2004, Danish filmmaker Jeppe Rønde created The Swenkas, a documentary about the group.

Apologies but I was unable to locate the English version.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loren: Do the teriyaki chicken dance.

Ah, Devon Aoki sama.

In my humble opinion, you convey so much of the Japan I love, in this February 2008 Vogue Nippon spread, than any Caucasian model could. No, its not simply because you are a quarter Japanese. Its not just because at your petite (typically asian) height of 1.65 cm, you are the world's shortest model who has managed to walk the runways of Chanel and Versace. No, its not because the clothes they styled in this shoot is so much like Japan today - unorthodox and modern.

Its because wrapped in you, your mixed heritage, your slightly alienic beauty, your waifish stature - you alone symbolise what Japan nation (to me) is evolving into. Its not just the white skinned, kimono wearing, samurai sword toting nation. Its a country that has mixed in the cultures and bloods of others, into their own, and turned it into something uniquely their own flavor. Japan has always been seen as exotic and a little misplaced in the world, a standalone nation that defies what the definition of "normal" is. It is rich in its history, the people who hold their traditions and heritage close to their hearts even while they produce groundbreaking technology and embrace western influences.

Simply, and complicatedly put - it has every contradiction and contrast you can dream of. 

And Devon Aoki are a shining example of such a contradiction. If only you knew.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tilly: Try narrowing it down

So, I guess, this is a slightly altered version of the little assignment that Loren had placed upon me a long time ago.

She gave me a choice of which 5 shoes that I would love to have/would only ever have/something along those lines that I cannot remember.

I could not pick one.  For a long time, I could not pick any.  I do not play favourites with my shoes.  I love them all.  Each and every single one of them is special to me.  Yet not one is truly my one and only.

However, if I realized that if I only ever have to pick TWO designers to wear, it would be Marni and Chloe.

Yes, not even Christian Louboutin.  And I don't really know why either.  But Marni and Chloe.

And I intend to start my collection with these two.

Firstly, the brown Chloe Triple Buckle wedge

Kingdom of Style

And then of course, these Marni Chrome Wedges.  

Sea of Shoes

I will get these two shoes at any cost.  Absolutely any cost.  Of course, these days, you can have all the money in the world and sometimes you cannot even find them.

Also, I don't think I actually made my love for these two shoes come across very eloquently in this post.  I feel absolutely exhausted, half asleep, half awake, half high, half drunk, pain on my right shoulder and also feeling nothing now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Loren: Day 6

How Lucky We Are - Acoustic - Meiko

One day
We'll get out of this shitty apartment
One day
Is all it takes for things to turn around now
All I know
Is I got you and you got me babe
And when that morning comes I'll make coffee and you'll read the paper
We'll talk about our plans and I'll keep saying how lucky we are

One day
We'll get in the car and drive anywhere we wanna go
And then we'll stay in a five star mini bar luxury hotel room
Cause all I know is I got you and you got me babe
And when that morning comes I'll make coffee and you'll read the paper
We'll talk about our plans and I'll keep saying how lucky we are
How lucky we are
Oh oh ohh
How luck we are
Oh oh ohh
How lucky we are
Oh oh ohh
How lucky we are

Ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh oh

One day
We'll turn on the tv and won't see nothing 'bout war
And when that morning comes I'll make coffee and you'll read the paper
We'll talk about our plans and I'll keep saying how lucky we are

How lucky, how lucky, how lucky we are
How lucky, how lucky, how lucky we are
How lucky, how lucky, how lucky we are
How lucky, how lucky, how lucky we are

Oh. To be anywhere but here.
To be in a place 
I choose
I pick
I decide
I want,
to call-

Monday, February 16, 2009

tilly: When there are no words

agie + blacksnoopy + initio + lilyas + perthfallenangel + want2you @ deviantart