Sunday, February 1, 2009

Loren: I ate Thai food and now I have a Stomachache

Following Tilly's lead to post an entry about the Top Three Things I Want This Very Moment...(other than a house, a vespa, food, fashion design lessons...)


A pink edition Diana F+ lomo camera. I've been hemming and hawing over the Diana series. I mean sure it takes dreamy photos, with that "days of yesterday" vibe that I like...but it was a blue camera. So anti-Loren. Then they heard the whining of a girlwhowearstoomuchpink,and obediently came out with the Mr. Pink version. fingers itch to be behind a camera once again. To be more specific, a non-digital camera, since Tilly generously bestowed upon me Himeno, my new Canon camera. Who, "coincidentally", is also pink. *beams*

*cough cough* Moving on.

I saw this capelet on the Kingdom of Style blog, and somewhere in the recesses of my brain, a little girl squealed while the men groaned. Its apparently handmade by an Etsy seller (love/hate etsy!) named Kate Towers, who, judging from the rest of her items for sale, knows the way to Loren's heart is lined with ruffles. Lots and lots of ruffles.

The only problem is that her gray capelet costs USD 90 which equals to AUD 141...and errrrr, Loren needs 141 for stupid necessary things like eating. Bah!

           3. You might be surprised, but no. 3 is not pink, nor ruffle related. (Or shoe related.)

(Please click to see the awesomeness.)
Its an art print by one of my favourite modern artists ever, Kozyndan. Titled as Pacific Drift, the explanation for the art piece goes as follows:

"This is another panoramic that depicts a "battle" of sorts. coagulated masses of human refuse are moving out from their birthplace in the North Pacific Gyre, destroying everything in their path on the way towards human civilization on land. The coral reefs (and we humans by proxy even though we probably don't deserve it) however have defenders - the bunnyfish! A school of bunnyfish is defending this reef with their teeth and tails. Can bunnyfish somehow eat and digest all this plastic and garbage?" -kozyndan

Hello? Bunnyfish? Chomping with their teeth and nails? How viciously cute is that?

So far the only art piece I have from them is Takadanobaba on Acid, the first (affordable, thats why.) piece of art that I fell in love with for its complexities and twisted view of the world. It almost seems sinister to me, despite its bright colors and cartoonic characters...which is why I love it.  naturally.

Ah, someday, someday, someday, someday. 

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