Sunday, February 8, 2009

Loren: Hark! Do you hear my feet crying?

Yes! Gird your loins, its another shoe post!
I was trawling through Browns, when I saw these babies.
Without looking at the brand, I sighed in admiration, "Ah, Azzedine Alaia, you've done it again." However, upon closer inspection, I'm surprised to say that its not Alaia, but Alessandro Dell Aqua. Raise your eyebrows in surprise, please! Yep, its easy to mistake these Alessandro Dell Aqua shoes for the Alaia, especially when Alaia had come out with shoes like:


Quite uncanny, isn't it? Its like the offspring of these two Alaias.

Its not an imitation, but I can safely say that the Alessandro's were inspired by the Alaia. Normally, I would be miffed, but since its not an obvious copy, I can let it slide. Furthermore, those Alaia shoes were so incredible, I'm happy to see them "reincarnated". Sigh. If only they were reincarnated onto my feet. Och, well.

On other shoe-related news.

Pretty, aren't they?
They are Alaia heels, worn by Anna Della Russo, Creative Director of Vogue Nippon.


These are the shoes I let slip out of my grasp from the Scanlan & Theodore sale.
At half off.
The last pair.
In my size.
I am prepared to get shot for that.

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