Monday, February 9, 2009

tilly: Walkabout

I really do feel for the people of Victoria, Australia at the moment.  I don't usually care.  Only because I know something about karma.  It's never the best situation to be in a disaster but things happen for a reason.

Still I can't help but feel the pain of those who have lost their houses, their children, their parents, their life in a sweep of an act of god.  And then there are the arsonists.  Mad, I tell you, MAD!  It must be the fact that it is of such close proximity to me that I feel this way.

I did call Loren (waking her up again from sleep) to remind her that should the fires come her way, that she needs to LEAVE the shoes alone!  Her first priority needs to be her.  Nothing else.  Not even the yellow MiuMius.

And in tribute, I will post up this commercial, made by the wonderfully talented Baz Lurhman (with a name like Baz, one better be successful!).  It was one of those commercials that moved me.  It made me want to run away.  To re-start life.  

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