Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tilly: Try narrowing it down

So, I guess, this is a slightly altered version of the little assignment that Loren had placed upon me a long time ago.

She gave me a choice of which 5 shoes that I would love to have/would only ever have/something along those lines that I cannot remember.

I could not pick one.  For a long time, I could not pick any.  I do not play favourites with my shoes.  I love them all.  Each and every single one of them is special to me.  Yet not one is truly my one and only.

However, if I realized that if I only ever have to pick TWO designers to wear, it would be Marni and Chloe.

Yes, not even Christian Louboutin.  And I don't really know why either.  But Marni and Chloe.

And I intend to start my collection with these two.

Firstly, the brown Chloe Triple Buckle wedge

Kingdom of Style

And then of course, these Marni Chrome Wedges.  

Sea of Shoes

I will get these two shoes at any cost.  Absolutely any cost.  Of course, these days, you can have all the money in the world and sometimes you cannot even find them.

Also, I don't think I actually made my love for these two shoes come across very eloquently in this post.  I feel absolutely exhausted, half asleep, half awake, half high, half drunk, pain on my right shoulder and also feeling nothing now.

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