Monday, February 9, 2009

tilly: The Fat Smurf

The title of this post refers directly to me.

Yes, tilly is a Fat Smurf.  

I wore a royal blue tent dress + royal blue stockings + grey/blue Oxford heels.  The heels had to go off because my thigh is still sore.  I then put on the royal blue Converse shoes.

Instant smuforology.
And to make matters worse, my colleague then called me flabby.  Yes, HE called me flabby.  I am not talking to him now.  

Now before you go thinking that I am a petty person (I probably am but I am in no mood here), usually I can take the fat jibes and all but today, I am not feeling on top of the world.  I feel like a fucking freak and after the flabby label, I feel like a super-duper-fat-lump-wearing-royal-blue-attracting-undue-attention-as-if-being-fat-and-flabby-was-not-enough.

I don't like myself very much now.  Not much at all.

(by lord-tator @ deviantart )

Also, the answer to re: Where's tilly? is Louis Vuitton.  My heart skipped when I saw the Madonna/LV ad in PRINT.  Oh Louis, how I love you!

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