Friday, February 6, 2009

Loren: Do you feel like yodelling?

As Tilly will attest, I have a major thing for men in spectacles. He could be just another good looking man that I would just admire normally, but slip a pair of spectacles on him, and suddenly you'd need a chisel and mallet to pry me off him. 

I have liked Gaspard Ulliel since A Very Long Engagement, and happily continued watching him in Paris Je t'aime, but he officially captured my heart (and spleen) as young Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising. The Thomas Harris books are a few of my all time favourite books, (not a surprise, a seductive, elegant, intelligent cannibal who has a flair for the culinary arts? ) and they also have one of my favorite actors in them as well. Sir Anthony Hopkins. *swoons*The first time I watched Silence of the Lambs with Sister Kyssa, it was an entire evening of me wringing a cushion and howling, "Biiiitteeeeee meeeeeeee!" whilst Sister Kyssa tried to burrow under the floorboards in fright. From the movie, not from me. (I think.) So to see Gaspard Ulliel as a young version of S.A.H was like...killing three birds with a multishot catapult. 

I squealed when I saw him kill the butcher with a samurai sword (hello, how Loren-oriented is that? He might as well have printed, "THIS IS FOR YOU, JAPAN MANIAC LOREN." across the screen.), sighed in rapture when he started eating his enemy's face. But when I saw these pictures of him on GQ with spectacles, it was was like....

A massive volcano erupting in my head, firing up my loins and escaping through my nose in a bubbly blood gush. 

So feast on him, my lovelies...just remember, I call first dibs on the spectacles...

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