Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loren: Bare my flesh. (a little)

I'm surprised.

Normally, I would shied away from clothes that are blatantly s-e-x-y (I can't type it out in full, much less say it in real life). I don't choose plunging anythings, or curve revealing items. Between the two of us, Tilly is definitely more daring when it comes to flaunting her assets, while it takes a bit of a search to find if I have any. (I don't really, but that's not the point here.)

I have only recently dared to wear a racerback top without a cardigan and jacket over it, but even then it takes work to not slink from corner to corner to remain unseen. Heck, even a V-neck shirt used to make me whimper, "Indecent exposure!", much to the exasperation of my skin baring friends. Its my conservative malay upbringing, what can I say? Its been drilled deep into my skittish bone marrows. 

So imagine my surprise when my heart thumped an excited, "Gimmeeee!" at the sight of this bodysuit. Yes, its a Tigerlily Kammerer bodysuit, which makes me feel marginally better about liking this. Its definitely in the s-e-x-y, body hugging, curve baring, plunging neckline category, and yet...I like it.

Maybe cause it has tassels and silver beads to give it a western chic air.
Maybe cause its black which hides a multitude of flaws.
Maybe my inner chinese is taking a firmer foothold over my malay side.

Still, if I did get it, I know I would be wearing it under an oversized tuxedo jacket, and not on its own, they say, old habits die hard.

(Hey, I wouldn't mind looking s-e-x-y, but not in-your-face s-e-x-y. That's a lot of hyphens. )

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