Friday, February 13, 2009

Loren: Goldfish have no need for cameras. Or pants.

Its a safe enough assumption, that those who convulse at the thought of getting their photograph taken, prefer to be behind a lens rather than in front of one. Being such a person myself, I have a list of handy reasons as to why it is better to be behind a lens. The top 5 being:

1. "Would you prefer to be with a camera shy person, or a camera whore?"
2. "Looking at the world through a lens, with my own unique view, and being able to capture it for keeps. Why not?"
3. "I would rather break camera lens by dropping it, than with my mug."
4. "It gives me something to hide behind, to observe closely without getting asked whether I want to get my lights punched out."
And lastly, my favourite reason no. 5.

"Well, somebody has got to do it."

But, a new fact that has crept up on me in the recent years, is that cameras are that extra bit of accessorising you need when it comes to your outfits. I don't mean those run-of-the-mill type digital cameras, of course, but creative cameras like - lomos, holgas, etc. Cameras with character. You chortle at me now, but look at these cameras and I dare you to tell me that they don't add that extra bit of zip to your outfit whether its by hanging them around your neck, or dangling from your wrist?

Like this spongebob squarepants camera, 
is bouncing to be worn with
Giles Spring 2009 RTW. 
And this pink cartoonic lomo supersampler camera,

to be paired with this outfit:
From Marc Jacobs Spring 2005 RTW.

Oh, come on, don't the cameras compliment the clothes perfectly? Don't they? Huh? Huh? AGREE WITH ME, I COMMAND THEE!


Anyway, when I first saw this little beauty, 
I immediately of these two outfits,

Christopher Kane Spring 2009

Prada Spring 2009

Personally, I think the exclusive gold edition of the Minox DCC Leica M3 is perfect for those people who want to wear a little gold, but feel a little "ghetto" or in asian terms, "mah jong tai tai" in doing so. Its a gold accessory with a purpose! Fashion has meaning! Value! A usefulness to contribute to society! Who knew?!

Now, tell me if that kind of thinking isn't inspirational... ...

(runway pictures from

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