Sunday, February 1, 2009

tilly: For wants

Ok, Loren set me to do a little project on the 5 shoes that I would always love.  My Ultimate Five is you would like to call it.  But my shoe repertoire is very limited at the moment.  But I do have a few cravings I would like to have.


So, let me bring you my I-WANT-THIS-NOW Top 3.  (Disclaimer:  Does not include luxury sports cars.)


Yes, the Sass and Bide Black Rats.  I want them and I want them now.  I'm thinking about them, dreaming about them and am so ready to settle for a Supre version of them despite my short and stocky legs.  But I want them.  Really really want them.  I can't stop thinking about them.  I imagine that they will magically give me beautiful model like legs and make me look somewhat couture-ish.  But alas, I have no way of forking out NZD$270 for them.  Hell, I don't even have enough to buy the NZD$50 Supre version.  But I'd rather save and starve and get the originals then settle for the Supre version.  It also doesn't help that I have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.

As you might already catch on to the tiny fact that I am in love with Louis.  Always and forever.  It has never broken my heart through our short and faithful relationship and I don't foresee any problems in the near future.  And this keychain is no different.  It is in my heart.  I do stress though that there is a green version and I'd much rather have the green version.  So street/skater chic.  I love.  Muchly.

Yes, this the second time this Monogram Green Tonic Vernis Heart Keypouch has made an appearance.  Does this tell you how much I really want this?  
The most amazing thing was on Wednesday, I had walked into LV on Queen St and saw the orange version.  I marched bravely up to the lovely SA and asked if she had the green version of it.  She smiled and told me she'll check and soon enough, returned with it.  Brand new, smelling of wonderful leather and much much bigger in size than I had imagined.  I smiled at it, caressed it gently, played with the metalware and gazed at it lovingly.  It was a wonder because I have given up using wallets and only using an orange coin pouch now so this is a perfect replacement.  But the thought of mounting debt made me gently lay it back down on the glass counter.  I said thank you to the SA and bolted out of there.

I'm much too materialistic.  I need to stop.  But I know it's an April Taurus trait.  Loren, agree with me.

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