Monday, February 2, 2009

tilly: Dollars and scents

Ask Loren what is the defining scent of me and she will readily reply with this:

I used to use it ALL the time.  Really, too much and I think even my school backpack got stuck with it.  There were weird times where I would find Loren sitting in my seat (we were separated in class for obvious reasons) in the other corner of the class and she would just be hugging my backpack and err, smelling it.  I think she secretly wanted her dream guy to wear the same scent as me.  LOL!!!  Ok, that aside, I think she define cKbe with me.  And I don't blame her.  I loved that scent.  It was very androgynous.  It IS an androgynous scent.  It was one of the first (I think) fragrances that was unisex and I use to think how great it would be if the man I was with would be wearing it.

Which brings me to another point.

I think I love men fragrances because I've always wanted to be able to wear my lover's/partner's smell on me.  There is nothing more beautiful and more sexy than to have his smell on you all day.  It's like how some people have pictures of the people they love on their desk, I love to have the fragrance that he wears on me.  It's so intimate and as close as well, sharing a bank account.

I have since updated the men scent though.  cKbe is still with me but now I am loving this new one from Prada.  It smells of a freshly laundered white button down shirt.  Yes, in those exact words.

I love it!  And now, I just have to update my dearest Aunt Betty (the nice one) with my new love.  She tends to just buy cKbe for me when she runs out of birthday present ideas.

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