Saturday, February 14, 2009

tilly: I got the Fever!

And the money!
Well, I got paid last night.  But alas, the bulk of it is going to rent and bills.  Which leaves nothing much for personal spending, aka disposable income.

Rewind back to the Hermes post I did, I shall now show you the reason for my hyperventilation.

Now I am not too sure if you can see it but in gray lettering, it says that "All items ordered via the website can only be delivered to Australia and New Zealand."


The last time I checked the website was ages ago!  And they only delivered to Australia then so I was quite disappointed because New Zealand does not have an Hermes boutique.  But then I saw that and suddenly my mind was filled with ALL the bracelets I COULD have.  I had to shut the computer down because I literally was one click away from putting anymore further damage to the credit card.

But yes, so I started my bracelet collection with this.

And now I want the following.  In no order of preference.

So, now, let me go do some creative accounting so I can start putting monies towards my loves.

I have too many loves btw!

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