Thursday, February 12, 2009

tilly: Pain free


The thigh didn't hurt or twitch one bit today at soccer!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loving every single moment of it!  Woot woot!!!

On the flip side though, I am missing wearing my high heels.  I feel like I am losing touch and will start to wobble in heels again.  And I'm kind of frightened.  But I am going to give it till the end of this week before I put myself higher in the air again!

I am also feeling hungry every 2 hours.  Not good.  And no, not pregnant.  (Oops, can I say that here?)

BTW, Loren has asked that I put a disclaimer that she is in fact NOT ONLINE.  Rather, she has used the special function of the "schedule posts".  And I am not allowed to read anything so I cannot tell you how many secrets she has in store for you.

I also just perused Fashion Nation's posts and am totally amused+mildly impressed with the Hermès display going on in Singapore.  Mildly impressed because as Stephie had noted, SG is not particularly creative.  But the one thing that made me gasped?  The ClicH.  I am intending to expand my collection with the following:

**insert severe breathlessness**

I just found out that the Australian online store delivers to New Zealand.

I am sorry.  I cannot retrieve pictures for you.  My heart is beating too fast knowing that I am ONE click away from ordering the bracelet in EVER COLOUR!

I will follow up.  With pictures when I have calmed down.

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