Saturday, February 7, 2009

Loren: Where's (Tilly)?

Trying to find a post from Tilly is a bit reminiscent of the game, "Where's Wally?"

Tilly is...getting a facial.
Tilly is...working hard at her job.
Tilly is...doing the Chinese New Year thing with family.
Tilly is...taking minibreaks in a hotel.
Tilly is...having her computer break down on her.

So its not her fault that she is missing in action on the blog, and you readers are stuck with the ramblings of moi

But don't worry, in a few days I will be moving house, and having no internet for TWENTY DAYS (damn australians and their slow working ethic), so that would give you twenty days of rest from hearing me whine about my living situation, or weep over shoes, or gabble about fashion.


(photograph by Benjamin Lowy)
", she is not hiding here either."

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