Saturday, February 7, 2009

Loren: I poked my eye, and left a thumprint

(Camilla & Marc Saffron frock)

I ache to wear this dress with those Ann D lace up boots. 

(Jak&Jil, Browns)

Actually, I think I would wear those boots with anything. No, not I think. I know. I know that I would sleep in them, do the nasty in them, get married in them, get divorced in them, committ murder in them, drop the kids off at preschool in them, get buried in them. Yes, I know that I will wear them with anything. You name it, I'll wear it with those boots. Bath robe? Yes. Cheong sum? Yes. Tent? Yes. Burlap sack? Just underwear? Hell yeah. Baju kurung? (malay traditional garb aka torture device) You betcha freakin fabulous ass I would.

Am I scaring you yet with my fierce devotion to these boots? 

Never before has a pair of shoes sparked off such an obsession in me. I mean, yes, I have had several great loves when it comes to shoes. Those Dries van notens, the Chloe Poseidon, the Balenciagas, the Gucci fringe boots. But this love, overwhelms the rest. All the previous shoe loves look like mini waves in comparison to this tsunami love. And honestly, I don't even know why exactly. These boots just seem to 'go' with everything, every theme, every mood, every style, every occasion. They're tough, a little S&M, a little goth, but has a faded romance to them, a modern s-e-x-i-n-e-s-s that suits the independent woman. 

Maybe thats why I'll never be able to get them.
I am not an independent woman. Yet. Chafe. Fume.

Okay, I promise that this will be the last post I dedicate solely (haha.) to them. I can hear Sister Kyssa's exasperated, "They're just shoes, Loren." remark in my head, which at that time earned a huge gasp and dramatic hand over heart gesture. She could have shot me with a shotgun, and still what she said left a bigger impact. They're not just shoes, Sister Kyssa, they are an extension of my character. 

My love for shoes. Its deep, its ugly, its brutal- and its here to stay. 
Get used to it.

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