Saturday, February 14, 2009

tilly: At Last

I didn't mean to post this most beautiful song as a single person on Valentine's Day. I just chanced upon it and remembered how amazing the vocals to this song are. You see, I was youtube-ing and looking through music videos with lyrics and I went from Taylor Swift's Love Story to Beyonce's Halo to Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight to The Fray's You Found Me and back to Beyonce's live performance at the NAACP of Halo which I then clicked on Beyonce's At Last performance she did for the Obama's First Dance and then remembered of the shots I saw of Cadillac Records and tah-dah! THIS!

Seconded with Loren's take on V-Day in SG.  It is a full-on parade of catching up with the Lim's/Tan's/Lin's/Chen's.  To see who's got the more expensive mobile phone, or the classier handbag or how long he waited in line to get you that limited edition Hello Kitty.  I don't actually know how I remembered those but give or take, it would be the same because the same thing repeats itself on various occasions and festivals but just mix the people involved all up. 

BTW, this song makes me want to become a jazz or soul singer.  Oooh yea!

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