Sunday, February 1, 2009

Loren: The way we are - Then, now, thereafter

There are moments where Tilly and I are not on the same brain wave.

Take One:
L: So, umm, who was last year's Tennis Champion?
T: Federer.
L:..........Yeah, I think I have heard about a car like that. (Thinking: Ferrari)

Take Two:
T: I so want to drive an Aston Martin eyfiop378717 (see? I dont even know what series model she was talking about.)
L: What's so great about it?
T: It has like this blablahblah engine and blahblahblah suspension and blabdeeblahbaa tires, blahblahblwowahblahblah speed....
L: Erm, hello? You're talking car terminology to me?
T: Oh. *thinks* Cause its pretty.
L: Ah, I get it now.

From the two conversations, you get the feeling that I'm rather, bimbotic. I just don't follow sports and sportcars like she does. But conversations that go that way simply happen more readily, because I rarely talk to her about Philosophy, or art or even Politics - stuff that she'd scratch her head at. (The Obama conversation is too laughable to even mention here.) So it is a very high possibility that I will come off sounding shallow. Which often happens. There are other differences as well, more noticeable ones than just our brain structure.
I'm tall, she's short.
I have long hair, she has short hair.
I am quiet, she is vivacious.
I am confrontational, she's avoidant.
I am closed off, she's welcoming. 
I gain enemies easily, she gains friends easily.

It therefore does not come as a surprise that the people around us tend to question our pairing. In high school, she received lots of inquiries as to why she was my friend, whether I had some kind of evil control over her, as they just could not comprehend the bond between a dour evil-looking girl with a bubbly happy-go-lucky girl. To which Tilly answered simply,

"Because I get her."

Over the years, that one inexplicable reason has remained the same, irregardless of where we go or what we experience. And its been showing in our conversations, how well we 'get' each other.

T: When was the last time you did something you wanted?"
L:....Ummmm... *thinks shoes*
T: And no, I dont mean you buying shoes.

L: I dont know what to do with this extra money.....
T: (types a message on skype) Hang on.
L: *continues*...but its not enough to buy your Black Rats for you...(then checks her message box)
T: (message sent: Buy me Black Rats! hee!)

Maybe one day our friendship will evolve to the point where we don't even require words to express what we are thinking/feeling, but merely use a series of clicking noises and snorts. Until then, where we are right now is....interesting, to say the least. If you require the words, everything else can be expressed through this song (as cheesy as it may be):

The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson

Here's to the next ten years, of simply 'getting' each other. *salutes*

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