Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loren: Whipped into a frenzy

Ah, V-day. Feels like D-Day to many. To some, just another great day to give and receive presents. To most, a showing off event.

In Melbourne, Valentine isn't as big a deal as it is in Singapore. When I saw that, I mean the feeling in the air is just different. In both countries, the hotels and restaurants have Valentine Day specials, but thats where the similarities end. In Singapore, its in the air, everywhere. The feeling of awareness is thick and suffocating. Everyone who is paired up that day will be automatically assumed to be in relationship form. And it may be just me, but it feels like people take that day to show off their boyfriends/girlfriends/presents. Its like a public parade, with girls holding huge bouquets of flowers as they teeter up and down the streets, guys latched at their elbow like an accessory. The girls are either giddy to the point of giggling nonstop, or they have a "Look at what I have and what you don't." stuck up demeanour. Its, ugh, pretentious and smacks of vanity, and I swear that its not my singlehood speaking.

In fact, on Valentine's Day Mr. Big2 and I took special care not to venture out on that day. We'd order in our favourite food, and veg out in front of the television in our pajamas, watching Project Runway and The Simpsons. Like any other normal day. He figured that it would be silly to purposely celebrate a day just because some person decreed it a day for overpriced flowers and nauseating chocolates. I just preferred to stay out of sight on a day where everyone would be judging each other more keenly than usual. 

The one thing I do love about V-day though, is....are the new lingerie collections that are being promoted because of it. Like the latest Agent Provocateur campaign fronted by Rosie Huntington Whiteley. 

She stars in a nose-bleeding, salivating short film entitled 'Love me Tender' which despite its sweet title, is anything but sugary. In it she plays a somewhat dissed girlfriend who decides to get a little payback from her boyfriend who forgets Valentine's Day. I say its a scenario that many girlfriends are familiar with, whether its because of work, or computer games, or just stupidity - men tend to forget the important dates. (not really their fault. women statistically have better memories, that's all.)

Like some relationship tutorial, I think that this video should be shown to all females that are in a relationship. It will teach them not to sulk, or pout, or whine or throw silent tantrums - but rather, take charge and give their boyfriends a good reason to never forget Valentine's Day again. With much love, and a little pain. 

Happy V-day, D-Day. May you have a reason to smile, and a reason to scoff today. 
I know I always do.

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