Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loren: In that box labelled, "A Great Love."

At last, she had arrived home after school.
Like a sunflower welcoming the sun, his face turned away from the computer to greet her with a smile.
Crossing the living room, she shrugged off her jacket and bag, careless that they fell in a crumpled heap on the floor.
He saw her approach, and the weariness in her face. Thus, he stood up to receive her.
He opened his arms to her.
She stepped into them as neatly as a jigsaw piece falling into place.
"Hello, love." The words rumbled against her ear.
His lips brushed her tired brow, his nose breathed in her scent.
Home, she felt. Here, with him. In his arms.
Drawing back to cup his face between her palms, she searched his eyes with hers and saw what she had silently asked for.
"Thank you for loving me." She whispered, leaning forward for a kiss.
"Its my very great pleasure." He replied, sealing his answer in the sweetest way.