Saturday, February 14, 2009

tilly: Our Food Timeline

Long before your time...

In a galaxy far, far away...

Ok, never mind.  That was my geek-attempt.  Over and out.

I think it was about the year 1997/8 when Loren and I became good friends.  In a group which consisted of another 2 girls.  Those 2 girls have since moved on, replaced us and now consider themselves sisters.  No, I am not bitter.  LOL, I am just telling a story.

And our lives as a 4-some took place around food.  We had the best times cooking, eating, talking, drinking then eating again and always thinking of where we can find our comfort food.  But being students, sometimes, the money just does not go a long way.  Actually my money now still does not go a long way but hey, I have grown older, owned more things, developed more expensive tastes...

So we usually trotted along to Miss Chief-of-Finance (who will be known as COF from here onwards) nice and cool 3-storey home where we would whip out packets and packets of these:

And we would then proceed to cook a whole pot full, adding extras like vegetables, eggs and sometimes chicken.  We would huddle around the kitchen, looking at the fridge magnets, talk about boys, giggle about boys, bitch about the teachers, giggle about teacher-crushes, talk about shopping and what we were meant to do for the up-coming project.  Well, we were there for a reason, at least that was the reason we gave the parents.  PROJECT!

Our alternative comfort eat session took place at the food market just behind our school.  It was my and Miss Red-Jeans (RJ from here on) little guilty pleasure of eating this:

It had no bones in it.  Was of the silkiest texture and it came in little blue plates.  Much like the one above, except pale blue.  It was standard.  All 4 of us would order a plate each.  The portion was little as much as I can remember but no fear!  Because it was always tradition that Loren and I shared a bowl of...

Yes, the smell of kambing soup (a local version of mutton stew) was enough to make me and Loren smile.  CFO and RJ didn't like it as much as us both which was good as that means more for us.  And we didn't share their liking of...

I can't remember if they got one each or shared one.  This was their tradition.

Then there were the times when it was just Loren and I at her place (I think).  We would both actually cook food.  And one of the few things we always made together is Spaghetti with our version of a tomato-based sauce since I couldn't eat beef and she couldn't eat pork.  Top all that carbohydrate with a wonderfully buttery rich (massive)bowl of mashed potatoes.

Then we would both sit at her dining table and just talk and eat and laugh.  We would taste the food and mentally note what we would need to do better the next time.  I was always the potato masher and Loren was always the food-cutter.  I think it's usually because I am the Drama Queen and needed to take my frustrations out which translated to smooth mashed potatoes.
BTW, did I mention that we were food class buddies?  Another post then!

So then we all left high school.  All went separate ways.  And somehow Loren and I found each other.  I am thinking really hard now how it happened. 

No, I can't remember.
But that started my spate of travels to Melbourne.
Which reminds me fondly of this meal we cooked.

It was more like a MASSIVE pot of sauce, pasta, grilled portobello mushrooms and finished with:

Officially our favourite wine!  Well, it's mine.  Don't know about Loren now.

That meal was about 3 years ago now.  And now, due to the economic depression + months of frivolous spending + times when you have to get that pair of shoes, the both of us have been reduced to this.

Thank goodness it comes in a supersized noodle cake.  It has got to be one of the nicest tasting instant noodles there is out there.

And to more years of food timelines...

I bid you GOOD EATS!

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