Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loren: Of moths and old/new flames

You dont know it, but in less than 24 hours, a Great Event is about to happen. 

Tilly and Miss Yuki will be coming down to Melbourne to hang out with this lowly being, at the same time.

As mentioned before, I live in Melbourne, Tilly in Auckland, and Miss Yuki, a mutual friend of ours, lives back in Singapore. Usually Tilly and I meet up here in Melbourne, and I bump noses with Miss Yuki when I return home for the holidays, very rarely does Tilly venture down to Singapore and since our schedules dont match up, we hardly ever hang out in Singapore, but I think she has met Miss Yuki there, once. ANYWAY, (my brain is too tired to function on a complicated level) this will be the first time that all three of us will be meeting in Melbourne - without loveydovey boyfriends, overbearing parents or disapproving guardians. 

The only thing restraining us will be our bank accounts....and Tilly's inability to stay up late at night, and my inability to wake up early in the morning.

It was meant to be a surprise, Tilly's trip Down Under (I still think dirty when I type that) and the sneaky girl had planned with Miss Yuki to drag me out of the suburbs to stay with them in the city, but due to Father Loren's possible arrival, (and the fact that I probably need notice to pack/plan my wardrobe) the cat had to be let out of the proverbial bag. So once we finished squawking and flapping our feathers, the two of us reached the same point. Very typically female of us, and I am sorry to fulfill such a cliché. 


If its just the two of us, its a lot less stressful. After all, we've seen each other in various states of dress and undress (kinda), and putting together outfits for each other is like....having a nice warm bath. Preparing it is second nature, you just slip in naturally and come out surprisingly revived. Okay, not the best of analogies, but you get the gist. 

However with Miss Yuki here, there is a pressure to show this special segment that I like to call, "How Singaporeans Could Dress When Away from the Small Mindedness of the Tiny Island". No need for further explanation.

With a little shoving, and a lot of courage, we will be taking daily outfit shots. Somehow. Maybe I can put a pillowcase over my head. Yes, I think that is what I will be doing.

Still, despite the stress of, "How in the world am I going to be able to pack everything into one small bag and not have my arms drop off from the weight?!" and "Why the heck do I have so much black?! Am I going for some Recon mission that I'm not aware about?!" and of course, "Crap, how do I lose that weight? Right. Carry heavy luggage bag.", I'm looking forward to this, mega-ly. I just hope that its a good trip for them both, and that Melbourne showers them with pleasant surprises of the droolsome kind.

One last squawk.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Loren: Straddling a barstool on stage

Dear You,

How are you?

I like to ask that at the start of every conversation, partly due to etiquette, partly because my brain is scrambling to remember what I need to remember when it comes to that particular person, and partly because well, I'm hoping that the person will be so preoccupied on telling me how they are doing that they forget to ask me

That's me all over. Thinking way too many things at the same time, wanting to push forward, yet shrinking within myself, seeking to be more even as I wish to be satisfied with less.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

I dont know how much you have gleaned from the stuff that I write here on the blog, how much insight or what kind of impression you have formed of me, and it may be extremely wrong, or it could be uncannily spot on - but the one thing I'd like to dispute is the impression that I am a person who is very sure of herself. Confident. Reassured. A mini James Dean strolling around in my pants. 

In the very essence of the word, I suppose you could say that I am a person who is certain about what kind of person she really is, but that in no way means that I am a confident person....or that I know what I am doing when I give advice or make the decisions that I make. There is a difference, you know, between knowing yourself, and being confident of yourself. I think knowing yourself just means that you've dug behind the bookshelves of your character and have come face to face with the dirt that is hidden there....and you accept its presence. Being confident enough to try and clean out the dirt, or even to hold it up in the air and reveal it to the world to see - is something else entirely.

I'm talking about this rather muddling topic because every now and then I bump into a youngling, and then for some reason they look at me with envy and tell me that they wish they could be as "sure of myself as how you are of yourself". I sometimes dont know if they mean what they are saying or they dont know what they are saying has nothing to do with what they really mean. And then they look at me with admiration (eurgh) or envy (ewww) or worser still, adulation. Excuse me while I visit the insides of my toilet bowl. Ah, so thats what I had for breakfast.

I know what they are looking for, a mentor, and I hear the many voices in my head burst out into cackles of laughter inbetween their puffs of smoke, at the thought of me being some kind of spiritual lighthouse to a lost little tugboat. 

I am no mentor. I cannot guide you towards what is Right and steer you away from all that is Wrong. The best I can do is to advise you on how to Think. And as for that, the older I get, the more I think that its not something that can be taught. Either you have it, or you don't. Its not so much the 'higher stream of mental ability' but more the state of self-awareness. Hmm, might be the same thing. Have to think about it.

I am a great many things. Arrogant, self-centered, selfish, whiny, long-winded (bet it must have crossed your mind at least twice in this entry)....but please, dont ever say that I am a confident person. Like everyone else, I am still squatting in the dark, trying to blindly feel my way towards a stage of enlightenment. The only difference is that I've stopped freaking out about being in the dark, and I am in no hurry. That's all there is to it.

I'm just as screwed up (mayhap even more so, who knows?) as the next person, I'm just not as worried about being screwed up. The screwed up thing is that it amuses me to be a Mess, and while that might make others think I have stumbled through the door of maturity or some other baloney like that, what they dont see is that I am the last person they should huddle closer to. I am comfortable hanging out with the creepies in the dark. Its simply Like recognizing Like.

Still think that I am a better person than I make myself out to be?


You're entitled to your choice, of course, but dont be surprised when you find yourself being led down that winding, thorny passageway. I promise, at the very least, I will refrain from saying,

"I told you so."

Best regards,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Loren: Two ways to ask for a favor from men.

Method One: Just ask. Directly. With Instructions. (hint:numbers help)

She: Maybe out of the whole, I was like...0.06% jealous, and that's not significant, but the fact that it was there to begin with... ...its appalling.
Him: Is there anything I can do?
She: Sure you can. Level the playing field. Can you be, 0.08% jealous?
Him: You want me to be 0.08% jealous of you?
She: Yes. Then I can go, "Aaaah, I'm not so horrible, I am only 0.06% while he is 0.08%.".
Him. Okay then, I'll try.
She: I appreciate it.

Method Two: Express your displeasure. He will (hopefully) get the message.


"told you...."

"not to..."


"full cream..."


"didn't I?! *roar*"
(Vogue Paris May 2009 from The Fashion Spot)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tilly: A Picture

Loren: Who keeps dropping bottles/cans onto her foot...

Okay, so recently the blog has gone off on a slight shoe spin....which is to be expected, considering that Tilly and I have such massive shoe fetishes. Actually, Tilly has another vice but that's a little too risqué to mention in a public blog. *coughsexcoughs* But rest assured that we have been doing more fashion related stuff other than pounding our fists against computer screens and texting each other furiously whenever a pretty shoe appears.

If you're an avid follower of the awesome fashion blog (or should it be classified under 'street style' photography?) JAK&JIL, then you should have come across this awesome picture of Kate Lanphear, who has already gotten a couple of mentions around this blog, and rest assured, her name shall be dropped a couple more times accompanied with sighs of envy.

Kate-gushing aside, I really love the jacket that she is wearing in the picture on the right. Unfortunately, I can't place it, although I could swear that I've seen it on a certain runway....Yohji Yamamoto? Rick Owens? Junya Watanabe? Well, one of the designers who does wonderfully deconstructed jackets with zips. I love clothes that have dual purpose and versatility, a shirt that unfolds into a dress, a skirt that can be worn as a cardigan, a dress that can be worn in different styles with just a twist and loop of the straps....the list goes on.

So a jacket that can become a cropped jacket with the pulling of zips? Admiration.

But you figure, since Kate is wearing it, how can mere mortals afford it? (Okay, so sometimes they do wear common brands eg. Emmanuelle Alt in ripped Topshop jeans?, but normally the stuff they wear is out of the grubby reach of us-eat-instant-noodles-everyday folk.)

Then, while doing some research for another entry I was planning to write about, I come across this.


Buttons, sleeves, collar, material aside - Hey! Its the same horizontal zip thingamajig!

And its AUS 299, which isnt too bad considering the real thing could  be 2999. Its a nice enough jacket that seems to be going for a casual, military look, and I wouldnt mind getting it in gray, but I am a little iffed out that its designed by Kirrily Johnston, who is a great Australian designer in her own right, which just makes me wonder why she chose to imitate/get inspired the jacket that Kate is wearing. 

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery....but the age old question remains. How much further along before it is no longer seen as flattery, and becomes a case of copyright infringement?

Loren: Bleary eyed, but quick of foot

Awakened this morning by Tilly's phone call, telling me about a pair of shoes that she has admired for a pretty long time, suddenly appearing on that eeevviiill site (which, if you dont know yet, is the Sale section of the infamous discounted to a heartbreaking price....and she not being able to buy it. 

Shaking off the remains of a weird high school dream that involved a ruined quiche dish, two bunnies and err, Takeshi Kaneshiro, I stumbled to my computer to peer at and find out exactly why my friend was trying to mask her major wigging out session while she was at work.
This is why.

I yawned in admiration. I like the sculptured heel, but that particular shade of blue, well, depresses me.

Then I click, click clicked around the site, and paused, toothbrush in mouth.

Those leaf platform pumps by Chloe. Those metallic red peeptoe pumps by Marni.

Absent-mindedly, I swallowed a mouthful of toothpaste. Then my brain swept in hurriedly to rationalize the two pairs of shoes before my slumbering heart awoke with a roar of desire.

I wouldn't wear a pump with such a skinny heel. (I'm always afraid of breaking them, silly, I know.)
I wouldn't wear a white shoe out.
Those red pumps are so trashy. (that's where the allure is, actually.)
I dont have any clothes to match.
They are too chunky for my legs.

And the biggest rationalising point.

Outnet will put out another shoe that you would rather have over these two shoes.

Tilly, on the other hand, is working on a fierce denial front. As long as she never sees the shoes again, she can pretend that they dont exist, in her size, at a droolsome price.

Good luck to her.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

tilly: Splurging at the $3 shop (now known as $3.40 shop with 12.5% GST)

So, I splurged.  The bill came up to nearly $60.

I think the Japanese have done the whole $3 concept wonderfully.  I could have done alot more damage but my conscience stopped me.

While waiting for Loren last night, I started browsing Browns and NAP for shoes.
And this is my lust list.

^ @ Browns

The following from NAP.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Loren: Hello, friend in the world.

I know I cant resist showing you this.

(The Sartorialist)

Opening my Google Reader for a quick browse through while waiting to go grocery shopping, this image as captured by the Sartorialist popped up before my eyes. Before I knew it, a fond smile was inching onto my sleep tinged face. It was like seeing a dear friend, one that you dont contact often but you know that your hearts are connected despite being miles apart - seeing that friend hard at work and getting noticed.

And in case you dont know what I am talking about, its those Miu Miu sequin heels. 
Still unworn in a box, gently cradled with layers of tissue and kept safe from harmful (err) dust and sunlight exposure - are my own pair.

Tilly has suggested that I keep them under an airtight glass box to admire in freedom without fear of them getting tainted....but I know that shoes, all shoes, are meant to be worn in love so that they may shine the brightest in the pool of gasps and sighs they evoke from strangers.

Someday, I will wear them, and somewhere around the world, another girl will smile the same knowing smile that comes from understanding that she has a "same shoe" friend. Our feet will be connected, and the world suddenly be a smaller, and friendlier place.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

tilly + Loren

This pretty much sums it up.

Loren: Sliding scale

Just how fast do you think my descent into Hell will be for ending Brother Dick's marriage?

Super fast?
Faster than the speed of light?
Faster than I can shoot my mouth off and agitate an already explosive situation?

Sometimes, I do scare myself. Even at times like these, I am amused at my myself. Not so much for being able to destroy something slowly and meticulously, but being able to remain calm and unrattled by it. If anything, I just wish we had managed to really go at each other. I probably would have a swollen cheek or a busted lip if we had, but hell, (haha) I would have been a lot more satisfied. Amused, calm and thirsty for more violence. I don't think you come across characters like mine commonly.....except in psycho novels.

And just because its so apt.

"Heeeeerrreeeeeee'ssss Loren!!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tilly: My Abode

Please note that I had used my SE camera phone to take these pictures.  They are not of the highest quality and not the best lighting here.  Yes, I still work for a Japanese camera/photocopier company.

Also, no bedroom or bathroom pictures.  I am shy.  Maybe when I get the 50D, I might do something else nicer.

tilly: The Lust List

Canon EOS 50D Body

Canon EFS 18-200 IS lens

Apple 8GB iPhone

Loren: Windex and Visa, please.

Over the weekend, a new good friend Patrick fell ill. 

Loren, who likes to take care of people and play housewife, leapt at the chance to take care of him. 

Upon arrival at his abode, Loren fell sick. Together, we were one very sick person.

I wheezed wittily, "Its officially winter." He weakly flicked my feverish forehead.

After three days, of cooking and cleaning (I did it, of course) he got better and I returned home.

Returned home to a house that has no food. No food!
So now, I am sick. 

Like, sorethroatwannapukedunkmyheadintheoven sick.

Eeeeeeeeuuurrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh......I need another Loren to come take care of me. 

Why not Tilly?
Because Loren is a Take Carer and Tilly is a Take Caree.

(Cajoling and mild threatening have failed in bringing Tilly out of her cave, so I will move on to light whacking with a stick and guilt trips. Shall await results.)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Loren: Stick a finger in your eye

Yeah, things around the blog have been sporadic, which is a word very loosely used here, but I think that's just an indication of how drama-ful our lives away from the computer have been. We're both very troubled individuals, if you haven't gotten whiff of that craziness yet, although I have to say that I am more pointblank about my psychotic tendencies (bunnies! bunnies cute! kill cute bunnies! woooooooooo....) where else Tilly prefers to lurk in mouldy corners with hers. 

Sometimes, I don't get how self-involved Tilly get with her, erm, condition, but then again, I suppose that she wouldnt be having it if she wasn't self-involved, you get what I mean? I think mine is funny, but then again, I find lots of things funny. Just the other day, a friend was telling me about a past experience where he had a throat operation and had to keep swallowing the blood that was caused by a rupture inside his nose and how drinking all that blood gave him a stomachache which resulted in vomiting, which made his throat bleed due to the acid in vomit.

It was gory. 
It was funny.
So I burst out laughing. And no matter how hard I tried to quell the laughter, it just kept bubbling out of me like, like....well, vomit. *laugh* But that's me, I laugh whenever I hurt myself. I swear I could have a main artery cut, and with blood spraying the walls, I'd be laughing away while trying to spray paint my name with the blood.


So just remember, sporadic updates = shitty real life. Regular updates = mundane life. And, blood, pain, gore = Loren's funny bone.

Got it? All righty then.