Friday, April 3, 2009

Loren: Stick a finger in your eye

Yeah, things around the blog have been sporadic, which is a word very loosely used here, but I think that's just an indication of how drama-ful our lives away from the computer have been. We're both very troubled individuals, if you haven't gotten whiff of that craziness yet, although I have to say that I am more pointblank about my psychotic tendencies (bunnies! bunnies cute! kill cute bunnies! woooooooooo....) where else Tilly prefers to lurk in mouldy corners with hers. 

Sometimes, I don't get how self-involved Tilly get with her, erm, condition, but then again, I suppose that she wouldnt be having it if she wasn't self-involved, you get what I mean? I think mine is funny, but then again, I find lots of things funny. Just the other day, a friend was telling me about a past experience where he had a throat operation and had to keep swallowing the blood that was caused by a rupture inside his nose and how drinking all that blood gave him a stomachache which resulted in vomiting, which made his throat bleed due to the acid in vomit.

It was gory. 
It was funny.
So I burst out laughing. And no matter how hard I tried to quell the laughter, it just kept bubbling out of me like, like....well, vomit. *laugh* But that's me, I laugh whenever I hurt myself. I swear I could have a main artery cut, and with blood spraying the walls, I'd be laughing away while trying to spray paint my name with the blood.


So just remember, sporadic updates = shitty real life. Regular updates = mundane life. And, blood, pain, gore = Loren's funny bone.

Got it? All righty then.

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