Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Loren: Windex and Visa, please.

Over the weekend, a new good friend Patrick fell ill. 

Loren, who likes to take care of people and play housewife, leapt at the chance to take care of him. 

Upon arrival at his abode, Loren fell sick. Together, we were one very sick person.

I wheezed wittily, "Its officially winter." He weakly flicked my feverish forehead.

After three days, of cooking and cleaning (I did it, of course) he got better and I returned home.

Returned home to a house that has no food. No food!
So now, I am sick. 

Like, sorethroatwannapukedunkmyheadintheoven sick.

Eeeeeeeeuuurrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh......I need another Loren to come take care of me. 

Why not Tilly?
Because Loren is a Take Carer and Tilly is a Take Caree.

(Cajoling and mild threatening have failed in bringing Tilly out of her cave, so I will move on to light whacking with a stick and guilt trips. Shall await results.)

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