Friday, April 17, 2009

Loren: Hello, friend in the world.

I know I cant resist showing you this.

(The Sartorialist)

Opening my Google Reader for a quick browse through while waiting to go grocery shopping, this image as captured by the Sartorialist popped up before my eyes. Before I knew it, a fond smile was inching onto my sleep tinged face. It was like seeing a dear friend, one that you dont contact often but you know that your hearts are connected despite being miles apart - seeing that friend hard at work and getting noticed.

And in case you dont know what I am talking about, its those Miu Miu sequin heels. 
Still unworn in a box, gently cradled with layers of tissue and kept safe from harmful (err) dust and sunlight exposure - are my own pair.

Tilly has suggested that I keep them under an airtight glass box to admire in freedom without fear of them getting tainted....but I know that shoes, all shoes, are meant to be worn in love so that they may shine the brightest in the pool of gasps and sighs they evoke from strangers.

Someday, I will wear them, and somewhere around the world, another girl will smile the same knowing smile that comes from understanding that she has a "same shoe" friend. Our feet will be connected, and the world suddenly be a smaller, and friendlier place.

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