Sunday, April 12, 2009

Loren: Sliding scale

Just how fast do you think my descent into Hell will be for ending Brother Dick's marriage?

Super fast?
Faster than the speed of light?
Faster than I can shoot my mouth off and agitate an already explosive situation?

Sometimes, I do scare myself. Even at times like these, I am amused at my myself. Not so much for being able to destroy something slowly and meticulously, but being able to remain calm and unrattled by it. If anything, I just wish we had managed to really go at each other. I probably would have a swollen cheek or a busted lip if we had, but hell, (haha) I would have been a lot more satisfied. Amused, calm and thirsty for more violence. I don't think you come across characters like mine commonly.....except in psycho novels.

And just because its so apt.

"Heeeeerrreeeeeee'ssss Loren!!"

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