Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Loren: Two ways to ask for a favor from men.

Method One: Just ask. Directly. With Instructions. (hint:numbers help)

She: Maybe out of the whole, I was like...0.06% jealous, and that's not significant, but the fact that it was there to begin with... ...its appalling.
Him: Is there anything I can do?
She: Sure you can. Level the playing field. Can you be, 0.08% jealous?
Him: You want me to be 0.08% jealous of you?
She: Yes. Then I can go, "Aaaah, I'm not so horrible, I am only 0.06% while he is 0.08%.".
Him. Okay then, I'll try.
She: I appreciate it.

Method Two: Express your displeasure. He will (hopefully) get the message.


"told you...."

"not to..."


"full cream..."


"didn't I?! *roar*"
(Vogue Paris May 2009 from The Fashion Spot)

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