Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loren: Bleary eyed, but quick of foot

Awakened this morning by Tilly's phone call, telling me about a pair of shoes that she has admired for a pretty long time, suddenly appearing on that eeevviiill site Outnet.com (which, if you dont know yet, is the Sale section of the infamous Netaporter.com) discounted to a heartbreaking price....and she not being able to buy it. 

Shaking off the remains of a weird high school dream that involved a ruined quiche dish, two bunnies and err, Takeshi Kaneshiro, I stumbled to my computer to peer at Outnet.com and find out exactly why my friend was trying to mask her major wigging out session while she was at work.
This is why.

I yawned in admiration. I like the sculptured heel, but that particular shade of blue, well, depresses me.

Then I click, click clicked around the site, and paused, toothbrush in mouth.

Those leaf platform pumps by Chloe. Those metallic red peeptoe pumps by Marni.

Absent-mindedly, I swallowed a mouthful of toothpaste. Then my brain swept in hurriedly to rationalize the two pairs of shoes before my slumbering heart awoke with a roar of desire.

I wouldn't wear a pump with such a skinny heel. (I'm always afraid of breaking them, silly, I know.)
I wouldn't wear a white shoe out.
Those red pumps are so trashy. (that's where the allure is, actually.)
I dont have any clothes to match.
They are too chunky for my legs.

And the biggest rationalising point.

Outnet will put out another shoe that you would rather have over these two shoes.

Tilly, on the other hand, is working on a fierce denial front. As long as she never sees the shoes again, she can pretend that they dont exist, in her size, at a droolsome price.

Good luck to her.

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