Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loren: Who keeps dropping bottles/cans onto her foot...

Okay, so recently the blog has gone off on a slight shoe spin....which is to be expected, considering that Tilly and I have such massive shoe fetishes. Actually, Tilly has another vice but that's a little too risqué to mention in a public blog. *coughsexcoughs* But rest assured that we have been doing more fashion related stuff other than pounding our fists against computer screens and texting each other furiously whenever a pretty shoe appears.

If you're an avid follower of the awesome fashion blog (or should it be classified under 'street style' photography?) JAK&JIL, then you should have come across this awesome picture of Kate Lanphear, who has already gotten a couple of mentions around this blog, and rest assured, her name shall be dropped a couple more times accompanied with sighs of envy.

Kate-gushing aside, I really love the jacket that she is wearing in the picture on the right. Unfortunately, I can't place it, although I could swear that I've seen it on a certain runway....Yohji Yamamoto? Rick Owens? Junya Watanabe? Well, one of the designers who does wonderfully deconstructed jackets with zips. I love clothes that have dual purpose and versatility, a shirt that unfolds into a dress, a skirt that can be worn as a cardigan, a dress that can be worn in different styles with just a twist and loop of the straps....the list goes on.

So a jacket that can become a cropped jacket with the pulling of zips? Admiration.

But you figure, since Kate is wearing it, how can mere mortals afford it? (Okay, so sometimes they do wear common brands eg. Emmanuelle Alt in ripped Topshop jeans?, but normally the stuff they wear is out of the grubby reach of us-eat-instant-noodles-everyday folk.)

Then, while doing some research for another entry I was planning to write about, I come across this.


Buttons, sleeves, collar, material aside - Hey! Its the same horizontal zip thingamajig!

And its AUS 299, which isnt too bad considering the real thing could  be 2999. Its a nice enough jacket that seems to be going for a casual, military look, and I wouldnt mind getting it in gray, but I am a little iffed out that its designed by Kirrily Johnston, who is a great Australian designer in her own right, which just makes me wonder why she chose to imitate/get inspired the jacket that Kate is wearing. 

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery....but the age old question remains. How much further along before it is no longer seen as flattery, and becomes a case of copyright infringement?

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