Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loren: Cut and run.

Its a fact, that everyone has that something special that makes them feel a little more happy/secure/braver when they need it. Some have a particular vintage clutch, others a treasured keychain, and more often than not, its really pretty lingerie that no one can see, but the wearer can feel it rustling against their skin as they go about conquering their foes. 

We may have graduated past our security blankets, but we definitely have not outgrown our need for security. 

I admit that having new lingerie makes me have my "cat ate the canary" smile, but something else makes me beam everytime I catch a glimpse of them.


Patterned socks hosiery. The wackier, the better. Maybe its some kind of backlash from a childhood of plain white socks, but whatever it is, wearing colorful socks actually creates bounce in my day. So imagine my immense pleasure when I realized that Eley Kishimoto, one of my favourite pattern makers, now have an online store.

Hide your credit card!

Okay, so they are still in the pound currency, but they are on sale. Suddenly, paying 19 pounds for a pair of socks seems so much more reasonable, considering that it used to be 38 pounds. Yes, I know my powers of reasoning are amazing and quite deluded.

What can I say, with my mind unravelling quietly and with frightening speed in these last few days, I just might need to stock up on socks and hosiery. Nothing would beat having those shoes, but hey, whatever that can help right now, I'd grab it with both hands and feet.

Although, in light of how I am about to crash into scary new territories, maybe this would be more appropriate.
Eley Kishimoto limited edition helmet

I dont have new shoes to run away in, so maybe I should just get a helmet and brace myself for impact. If anything, my brains will be kept in my skull while the rest of me explodes.

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