Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tilly: Chanel No5

I watched a documentary on luxury brands last night.  It was of Chanel.  I think it's quite funny how I always seem to catch Chanel/Karl documentaries.  I have never seen another fashion brand/house on that channel yet even though they do feature others.  I just always seem to fall on Chanel/Karl.

So, it told the short story of Grabrielle Chanel + 31 Rue Cambon + Karl + 5 ladies who truly are Chanel-istas.  They are 5 different women from different parts of the world who live by Coco's words and style.

Which makes me think, who's style do you live by?

I'd like to think I am a Vuitton-ista, but really, I have trouble even admitting my feelings, so I am still a major WIP.  I do seem to love all things LV.  Everything about it.  It makes my heart flutter.  But ask Loren and she tells me that she envisions the perfect me in Marni.  It seems I am a natural Marni-ista.

Right now though, I think I am a sleepyista.  Good night.

P/S for Loren:- Grooves in anyway is good.  Yes, even the grooves on your forehead when you talk to Ms Flawless.

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