Monday, March 2, 2009

tilly: Maybe out + *gasp*breathe*gasp*

I think I could be ready to start talking to people again.  Well, to the people that so far have not given up on my stupid hiberante periods.  Loren, I am now ready to take on all about Miss Flawless.  And your rants and whatnots that you have for me.  I truly miss you.

And I have have have seen one of the most amazing white shoes ever.  Wow.  This could be my Ann D (refer Loren).

@ JaknJill
I don't care what I have to wear it with.  I just want to wear it.  I like white things.  And this white "thing" is simply gorgeous beyond words.  Probably one of the most beautiful white "thing" ever.  Ever.  Ever.  Hmm, ok, maybe it does not render a third "ever" because knowing me and my little fickle heart, I would find another white "thing".

Also, I am addicted to Kings of Leon - Only By The Night.  Again, a late bloomer here.  People everywhere were going nuts about this album but I really didn't like Sex On Fire!  The rest of the album is sweet sounds and with my current hair now, this is my rock album.  Well, I pretend this is MY rock album.  My mind churns out images of me in chic rock clothes, with the raspy rock voice and amazing talent at the guitar playing to a sell-out crowd.

Yea, I can be cool like that.

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