Saturday, March 7, 2009

Loren: Because I love

On the day that Tilly gets married (despite all her vehement protesting and doomsday-woe-the-frick-is-me predictions, she is still an old fashioned 'wanna be married' girl at heart), probably in something incredibly beautiful and elegant like this gown:

Marchesa Spring 2009 RTW
A dress that loops and swirls gracefully, careful folds draping to conceal as well as reveal the girl centred as a woman in every way, conveying her gentle hopes and dreams for the future materialising into a work of art to be seen and admired by onlookers. 

I, hopefully, will be at her side, half scowling, half teary eyed, in this gown:

Marchesa Fall 2009 RTW
Hard. Prickly. Pointed. Shelled. 
A "dont-come-too-close-or-I'll-cause-harm"  dress.
And with a fingertip black veil. 
When people disapprove of a girl wearing black to a wedding, gobble on about how inauspicious it is, I'd shush their complaints with a hard glare. 

"As much as this is a happy occasion, it is also happens to be a sad day, for me, as I am losing my beloved marriage, and this loss must be properly tended to, with the right attire. So suck it, grandpa."

Hey Tilly, do I still get an invite?

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