Sunday, January 3, 2010

tilly: 2010

I cannot for the life of me, stand the last post now.

I think it's fairly, nearly safe to say that I do no longer want to love you or think of you and even hear your name anymore. I shudder when that happens sometimes.

The last six months have been trying for both Loren and I. It occurred to me on many occasions that there was no mention of this blog. From Loren to me or from me to Loren. We kind of just didn't mention it. I don't know if Loren felt that this was going to die off and felt sad about the blog dying but I think there were occasions where I felt that way.

Both of us are hoping that 2010 would be better. I can hear Loren asking better in what way. Maybe she will address this in the next post.

On a side note, what's your playlist for today???

I've been listening to a Christmas compilation by Starbucks. And the track, It's Cold Outside by Willie Nelson and Norah Jones is an absolute standout.

PostScript: Willie Nelson is probably the only person that can get away with a name like Willie.


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