Monday, January 4, 2010

tilly: Christmas songs make me happpyyy!!!

Yes dear all, I am still listening to Christmas music. It never fails to make me smile!

Another thing that is making me smile at the moment is going through this blog. I am down to #833 and I have lost count of the awesome things that resonate with me and the author. Things like sitting at the kids table, taking out your contact lens at the end of the day and pushing those little buttons on the soft drink cup lid!!! Come on! I am sure that many of you have done that and it's very likely that 85% (from my very own studies) of those lids come from the Golden Arches.

The new work year starts tomorrow and I am not too sure what I will be wearing. You see, in the past 6 months, I have become...quite round. Face is now rounder than round. I have become so big that Loren can sense it from where she is sitting when she exclaimed **"SO FAT". On G chat. With no webcam. That is how round I am now. Well, I would give the guy below a run for his money.

And sumos earn quite a bit of money I think? So that would also mean that I am a rich and fat bitch. So bow to me and maybe I might buy you that Louboutins that you yearn for.

**Loren doesn't actually possess psychic abilities. It was from a conversation totally non-related to food, fat or me.

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