Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loren: "An excerpt"

Just when I was sitting around, goes through my daily list of questions, the one that always gives me pause resurfaced.

"Will I suit working in the fashion industry?"

Do I have the guts?
Do I have the knack?
Do I have the grit?
Do I have the ability to be two-faced?
Do I have the drive?

And the new factor.
Will I be able to be remain polite even when beheading someone else in the rat race?

Then I read this little excerpt written by Karl Lagerfeld's ex-assistant Arnaud Maillard in his tell-all book, Merci Karl:

"...But he (Karl L.) can also be merciless. I've seen him simply stop talking to people, stop acknowledging their existence. In the fashion industry, nobody raises their voice; they say the worst things in a very polite tone."

My mind jumped to a snip of conversation I had with Tilly just a few hours prior.

"...By the way, you're kind of crazy right now, aren't you? I'm just wondering. Its cause I know when you're being pretentious, and when you are, its usually because you're crazy and its your way of showing it."

All said in an apathetic, phlegmatic tone.

Hmm, like pieces of a velcro jigsaw puzzle, the fashion industry and I.

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