Saturday, May 30, 2009

tilly: minipicpost

I don't know if I have mentioned it before on this blog but I am very lucky to be working for a certain very well-known Japanese photographic company.  I say lucky because alot of fashion bloggers I read use a variety of camera gear.  And guess what?  I get to purchase these wonderful camera gear at *ahem* staff price.

However, I am neither a fashion blogger nor a fashionista, nor a camera-ista.  I take awful photos as Loren will attest to.  And judging from the posts that goes on around here, my contribution to the fashion stakes is limited to shoes?

I try though.  Really.  Heh!

I guess this will be the first post that involves someone real in my life.  In OUR LIVES.  No, there won't be a picture of me.  Just people surrounding me.  Loren is  not included.

The first two pictures are of my colleague - Monique.  She goes by Mon in my little tight-knit team.  She is a super health-freak.  Eats everything gluten-free.  Makes the nicest smelling Pad Thai that I know.  And somestimes does the silliest things.  She tends to hum songs AFTER I start singing.  She loves the sun sun sun.  She cannot understand how I love the cold so much.  She was on the phone at the time whilst filing her nails.  She's also blonde.  Heh, so I tried to take a picture of your typical receptionist with bubble-pink lippie, manning the switchboards and filing her nails at the same time.  It's also apparent that she caught me.  Sigh.  This is taken with the IXUS 80is.

I put this in because it was the best looking picture out of ALL the DSLR pictures that I took.  No, I don't own a DSLR.  I am allowed to loan it from my company.  And so far, I have loaned the 1000D , 450D, EFS18-55is lens and the premium EFS18-200is lens.  OOOH, I feel soooo lucky!!!  This is taken with the 1000D + EFS18-55is lens.  The spuds were delish btw.  It was described as double-cooked spuds.  Yummy!!!

I am hoping one day, Loren and I will be wandering the streets of *insertcity* with our camera and wonderful lens.  Totally problem-free and cash-rich.

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