Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Loren: Either or.

Instead of telling you how I've been waiting on train platforms with Parents, and fantasized throwing myself in front of is the always sigh-pretty Cruise collection from Christian Dior, which is a little low key compared with their previous collections. I suppose after hearing about Emma Cook, Veronique Branquinho and Christian Lacroix declaring bankruptcy...John Galliano is being cautious with his designs, especially since it is difficult to figure out the shifting mindset of the luxury good consumer. 

That being said, I find it a trifle difficult to put the words 'cautious' and 'John Galliano' in the same sentence...kind of like trying to shove my head through a wall and gouging out my eyes at the same time. A teensy bit tricky.

However, playing it safe and being cautious seems to be the mantra of (almost) everyone in the fashion biz. In the glaring dilemma of today's economy, its no surprise or shame to admit that you're cutting costs, but Christian Dior is remaining adamant that they are impervious to the recession. Even though they have changed the location of their latest couture show to their modest headquarters on 30 Avenue Montaigne, - which lets face it, even a blind dude can tell is way less extravagant than their previous tented location in the gardens of Rodin Museum - their CEO's explanation for the first change in ten years as "We want to do it in this house again to feel at Dior. We really want to transport the spirit." 

Considering that there was a 2.8 percent drop in profits last year and purported 8 percent dip in revenues for the first quarter of 2009, all I can guess is that CD is probably going to use a pick up truck to "transport the spirit", you know, just for the rustic charm.

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