Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loren: if my outfit had an would be "?!".

wear right now

One day, Girl wakes up with a simple opening of her eyes. No gentle stirring, no drowsy lingering in a dream half forgotten. Mechanical, is the word that appears in her mind as she swings her legs off the bed to sink her toes into the faded gray carpet. She opens her wardrobe, and a taste very akin to distaste spreads across her tongue at the sight of so much girliness spilling out of the cupboard. The colors are too vibrant, prints too vivid. Too in your face.

Where are her laidback clothes? The ones that don't fit in strawberry cupcake land, that don't draw attention upon first sight? At the back of her closet, there they were. Shredded jeans from Stolen Girlfriends Club, that had to be worn with a Alexander Wang corset and a Rag & Bone waistcoat for sensibility. It was winter, after all. She knew it was a little wrong (blue, black and gray?) but her fingers reached for the cannily cut gray fleece jacket by My Pet Square. It covered her in layers, from her chin to her shoulders, even extra cover for her shoulders. If she felt a little more sociable in the day, she would unzip the funnel neck. If not, she would burrow into it and stomp away in her gold Marc Jacobs brogues.

So what if it was not on trend? So what if it wasn't normal? So what if it wasn't her? It fit her frame of mind for the day perfectly.

A little wrong. A little off center. A little offbeat.

A smirk bloomed on her lips. In this peculiar mood, if she wasn't careful, she would not only pick up chain smoking, but would probably shave off half her head and pierce her eyebrow in three different places. If she wasn't careful. One never knows what could happen when a day begins in such a fashion. Pun intended.

On a real note: I am honestly contemplating buying the jeans. They are the best shredded jeans I've seen so far, although a huge part of me is balking because its ON TREND. And I do not buy things because of trends. At least, I am pretty certain that I don't. I have been looking to get a new pair of jeans for a long time, something that has something extra to it, but patterned jeans make my legs look fat, zippered all over jeans make me aware of getting zipper burns, and there is some kind of a "roll-around-in-the-grass" vibe when it comes to shredded jeans. Worst case scenario, I can always buy the jeans and do what I normally do. Wait for the trend to blow over, for everyone to forget about it, and then start wearing it.

And dang, do I want a pair of tacky/kitschy brogues.

Anyhoo, what do you think? Shredded jeans for le Loren. Yah, or nah?

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