Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loren: My (not so anymore) secret wish.

In a world of stick thin blondes, elegant redheads and waif like brunettes - the idea of physical beauty is varied and based on ideals, rather than realistic functionality. That being said, I am very much one who is heavily influenced by it, to the point of....being annoying. Being aware of something does not necessarily mean that you are effective against its allure....it just means that you're even sillier than those who aren't conscious of the forces behind the choices they make.

I've been given my fair share of compliments some by the people who look at me through love-goggles, some by nice people, some by strangers, some by weirdos. Its all nice, of course, though I chafe at quite a few of them, guffaw at several and snort in disagreement at most of them....but to date, no one has given me the compliment I deem the highest.

"Your imperfections and flaws come together to form an honest beauty that is unique and unforgettable."

Sounds strange? Which is probably why I'll never hear it from anyone. But I like it, because it indicates that the viewer sees your flaws, instead of whitewashing them, and sees your face as your own, an individual. And makes you memorable. How many run-of-the-mill pretty asian girls do I know, whose features just kind of blend into each other to form one blob?

I can't even remember, which further proves my point.

The one actress that I know of, who fits the compliment above to perfect imperfection, is the daughter of Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourgh.

She isn't classically pretty, nor is she girl-next-door cute. If she had to be the girl-next-door, she'd be more of the the girl-next-provincial-farm. She has that special Parisian air, you know the kind where their hair always looks sexily tousled, and though without a trace of makeup, they can look unbearably smouldering dressed in a man's shirt and jeans? There is a slight androgyny, almost drag queen quality to her, long limbs, large hands. Her features are individually strong - large eyes, large nose, wide mouth - and place them on an angular face, and though you expect them to clash, they accent each other well to form an unforgettable face. Or, at least, to me.

(scans by diorettescans.blogspot.com, photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for French ELLE Nov 2007)

Ah, one day, to look like that...at ease within my own skin, and embracing every imperfection for what it is and not wishing it to be something else.


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