Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Loren: There is a grace, that gently touches her face

I am not sure whether Tilly has ever mentioned this, or whether this was meant to be kept under wraps, like some hush-hush operation, to be kept in lisps and discreet hand gesturing in dodgy street corners....but, did you know that Tilly has a younger sister?

Since I am uncertain about how much I am supposed to reveal/not reveal, I'll say this much.

She is a female. Pause for effect. Let it sink in, and the horror swell up. Okay, thats it, my lips are sealed.

Silliness aside (no way!), Tilly's sister reminds me of Emma Watson, otherwise affectionately known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter phenomenon. I really ought to dedicate a post to her, because she just gets more interesting by the fashion season, and I really cannot wait for her to act/model/open her mouth. I don't usually invest any other kind of interest other than the five second kind, in celebrities because they are kind of blah and hmm and uhuh and doh- to me.

But Emma Watson pinches my interest like the cheek pinches of a slightly annoying uncle whom you only see at family gatherings. She hasn't screwed up in any typical teenage celebrity way, (read: drunken ramblings, rudeness, drugs, romping, car accidents) and as far as I know, the most she has done to stir up (a few) people's ire is to wear a Rodarte blue frock, because they aren't sure if it suits her. Woah. Major scandal.

There is something similar between Tilly's sister and Emma Watson, although they both may not agree, but I see it. Maybe its the fact that they are both young and yet seem older at the same time. Maybe its the fact that they are squeaky clean yet they dont drive me to fling mud at them. Maybe its their features, pretty but not clich├ęd. Maybe because they both have depth even though people tend to see them as somewhat on the empty side. Maybe because they both surprise me with their growth.

Maybe I am just talking out of my malay butt. What a feat! Please just enjoy the photos from Burberry's latest campaign, an interesting change from using models, although I wish they had chosen male models who didn't make me think of the male characters from Gossip Girl so much.

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