Sunday, June 7, 2009

tilly: above water, you and me, breathing

It's about just under 2 hours since Loren and I got off Skype with each other. I got an email from her earlier after coming back from dinner saying she has to complain. I can't wait!

She didn't complain much. But what and how much can you expect 2 silly-headed, mildly crazy females to do with the actions of a boy/man but to dissect it, re-arrange it, dislike current arrangement, dissect again, re-arrange. Repeat process about 50 million times. And it's still not done. It is worse than the 3rd Matrix, worse than the 4th Fast and Furious.

I am quite hmmm...conflustered? When it comes to...Patrick. And might I add that my current/past experiences doesn't help Loren one bit. I wish I had a better answer. Better yet, I wish I could read minds. It would do me and Loren alot of good.

On the flipside, I have no idea how Loren keeps so calm and cool depsite what is happening. My mind went off the rails when pseudo-boyfriend actions started pouring out of Jon's pores. If you were following my little drama-fiasco, Jon = Anon = Richard = the million names made up for him. From herewith, he is Jon. Only for my benefit because I cannot keep up with the multitude of pseudo-names. I used pseudo because I like that word. Pseudo! Pseudo! Pseudo! Just like Lor loves the word avant garde.

I don't know if this is how "avant garde" looks like in Loren's head when she says it. Ah well.

I also don't know what is the point of this post. I have made plans to cook dinner with a friend tomorrow but a major part of me wants to hibernate. I don't feel like working tomorrow. I feel like I need a break. What for???

I should sleep. And I leave you with this.

Practice your pouts!!! You'll be on camera one day!

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