Sunday, June 7, 2009

tilly: because i want to

I'm thinking Loren and I should have mobile posting. But then this would mean that you'll only be getting little minute posts from me, therefore cluttering this blog to resemble something out of Twitter.

Which serves to remind me that it has been 2 galaxy years since Loren and I have spoken. No we are not having a cold war...

Are we??? Did I not know???

Hehe - no we are not. I think about Loren everyday. Whether she is having to eat. Whether hell has risen over for her. Whether she is sleeping ok. And many other "whethers". It's all come down to differing times. Especially sleeping times. And also yours truly here has been a bit of a hermit. Still wishing for the craziness away. And also as you would have known from the previous post that Loren's parents are here. In between sorting out the lives of Brother Dick and this and that plus the praying that goes on, there is simply no time to come on the internet. Hah!

I was going to post a word-less entry comprising of just shoes, for the benefit of Loren so that there is something happy for her to look at when she comes online but then I decided against it because it would most likely cause her more pain. Only because we have no money to buy any of them.

Ramble ramble - on another note, tilly and the sister went to catch Star Trek last night. It was suprisingly good. And I find myself liking the lean, mean and tall kind of body. Not lanky, not beefy. Just right. Just watch the new Star Trek and check out Spock and Captain Kirk.

I managed to add a little piccie of the both of them. Left - Spock aka Sylar from Heroes aka Zachary Quinto. Right - Captain Kirk aka guy from Princess Diaries 2. I could not get a full shot of the both of them in this position but they both looked very nice, body-wise. And might I say that the stark cheekbones on Spock looks very ... nice. =)

This might spark my only-celeb-crushes back online. And that is fine by me. They are better than anything real-life. Ask Loren. Mention my non-existent existent love life and you get a pretty gigantic face-palm.

Speaking of celebs, I think the celeb most like me is Kanye West. ONLY because he loves LV as much as I do. He will wear anything LV. He is always spotted with something LV. Check Jak&Jil for proof. Alas, that is where our similarities end.

And I will leave you with this new song from Beyonce feat. Kanye West - Ego Remix.

P.S. Lor, I want to walk down the streets of New York with you with this song in our heads...talking BIG because WE CAN BACK IT UP.

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