Monday, January 12, 2009

Tilly: First post!

I am no genius in writing.  Loren does that.

I will try in my very best to find pretty pictures to fill this blog.

Loren lead to me to use my name first so she can guilt trip me into doing everything first.  She’s sneaky.  Beware of her.  I managed 10 years through sheer courage.  I’ve been told I will be admitted to Heaven.

My fashion repertoire is limited but it’s a learning curve for me.

My music knowledge has been outshone.  I am a Top 40’s kinda girl/woman/lady/over-grown.  By Loren of course.

I will, however, debut my apartment here.  My pride and joy!  Well, at least until I find and buy a house.


Let it roll!!!  


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