Thursday, January 29, 2009

tilly: Is back!

Yes, I am back and finally have access to MY computer where all MY stuff are.  Valid updates will hopefully come swiftly.  I intend to put Friday away for updating.  It will be MY contribution while Loren trods sadly in the world of dial-up.

First things first, I hate hate hate the fact that I have no money to send to Loren so she can have:
1.  Fresh vegetables
2.  Fresh meat
3.  Money for magazines
4.  Money for laundry
5.  Money for her to move to a fully furnished apartment in the city far away from *thinks* I don't know what to name him, everything is too nice for him.  And no, I don't care what her mother says.  A friend (with -money) got to do what a friend's got to do.

Alas, I have no money.  So everything of the above will have to wait.

Secondly, I need to stop sleep-texting.  Period.

Thirdly, the boobs revelation.  I think may not work after all.  There are alot of flat-chested bitches out there.  I need to find another bitch-? revelation.  Rest assured I will keep you informed.  This will be a continuing project of elimination.

I have no shoes for soccer.  I look like a boy playing soccer.  Sigh.

And I think I might finally start to have cellphone issues.  I never used to have them.  Only because I change them so frequently that it never really has the chance to fault while I am using it.  But this one finally is showing signs of age and disease.  If I don't respond in timely manner (unless you are Robert) then it's because the loud DING that comes with an incoming text message does NOT sound even when it's on *Alert Me When Someone Needs Me!* status.  I still can't bear to give up on it.  It has, well, memories!  EURGH!
Then again, maybe if I change the phone.  New memories will be formed???

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