Monday, January 26, 2009

Loren: Take Me Out

I might as well explain a little bit about this blog. And since its 5.50 a.m in the morning, what better way to write this but in a totally bimbotic manner?

Sooo, like, Tilly? and I? met in this tiny island of Singapore? which is like, not in China, shocking, riiiiiiteeee? We met like, when we were like, 13 which gives our friendship the ripe old age of, lemme use my fingers to count yah?, like, 12 years? Yah! Friends 4Eveeeeeerrrr!

Okay. Gawd. I can't do it any longer. I held out for as long as I did. *gags*

So, we were pretty tight until Tilly left Singapore to be in New Zealand after secondary school (high school) but a couple of years later, I moved to Australia. We reconnected, butted heads, sipped Moscato and sacrificed a few goats on the altar of friendship. Tilly travelled down to Melbourne a bunch of times, (making full use of free lodging *coughs*)and I've not gone over to Auckland at all. Heh. What can I say? There is just more to do in Melbourne than Auckland. *ducks instinctively* 

I think there has only been one time that we were both back in Singapore, and all our outings had this conversation.

L:I miss Melbourne.
T:I miss Auckland.
L&T: *wails* I wanna go home!

To be fair, I still view Singapore as my home, but its just one of two. In Singapore, there is an overwhelming sense of security and familiarity. Where I fit in, asian-wise. In Melbourne, I am completely my own self, living an independent life, where I fit, fashion-wise. I can wear whatever I like, and next to the goths and ravers, skaters and rastafa-rians, beach bunnies and geeks - no one bats an eye at the choices I make in fashion. In Singapore, despite the taming down of my outfits, the staring is still overwhelming, not to mention the hushed whispers and snickering. Maybe its because I am not stick thin. Or because I don't have plank straight hair. Or because I don't emulate (badly, may I add) the Olsens, or Barton, or Lohan, or Miller, or Richie.

Oh well. I love Singapore for being predictable. I love Melbourne for being unpredictable. I am lucky to have both worlds.

So, there you have it. A basic explanation of  how we met, and where we are. 

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