Monday, January 19, 2009


Its a feat, I tell you. 

I'm awake during normal business hours. You dont think its much, but for the last few weeks I have been sleeping at 10 a.m and waking at 4 p.m. Everyday. I've always been a troubled sleeper, the only exceptions being when I'm so bored there is nothing to do but sleep (aka singapore), and when I was sleeping with Mr. Big2. I topsy-turvy sleep all the time, usually four to six hours, sometimes I dont sleep for a few days, then sleep a whole day away, and I very rarely have a dreamless sleep, which results in me waking and still feeling...tired.

Why can't I get proper sleep? Euuurrrgghhh... ...
(of course done in a much less glamourous way.)

I think I owe last night's sleep to three things. Johnny Depp, a book, and sheer will. I watched Don Juan de Marco to sleep, and I have to say that I'm not a Depp fan per se, but every now and then I remember how hot he is/was. Mmm

Sister Kyssa tells me that with sleep deprivation comes the lowering of one's IQ, which hey, would explain a lot of things in my life. But really, having one normal night's sleep made me wake up this morning feeling like this:

Yeah! Make those horses leap!

I actually popped my eyes open, saw the sunlight streaming through the morning, and went, "Yes!" 

I just had instant curry noodles that I raided from the bottom of my pantry, and I'm waiting for my stomach to settle before venturing out in the scary bright outdoors and GO PICK UP THE PACKAGES AT THE POST OFFICE. The reason why I dont like curry noodles, is that they make my fingernails smell like curry. I have no idea why, because normal curry doesn't do it to my nails. Maybe its the combination of MSG and artificial curry, who knows?

Well, okay. Wish me luck!

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