Friday, January 30, 2009

tilly: Falling back on Matias

It's official.

My half tera-byte Seagate has dieded on me. It would not start. It would not detect. It would not re-boot. It would not recover.

And gone with it are my music and my various material for everything I have collected over the past year. That includes LJSecrets, songs, images, musings, material for TillyLoren, movies, games...

And now I am tippity typing away on Matias, my iBook G4.

This cannot be a worser time for something like that to happen. My cellphone is crapping out. I need a new hard drive. And I still got rent to pay and I am so sick of the food that I am cooking because I think my brocolli (sp?) is spoilt and the carbonara sauce is past it's use by date and I think the stupid smoked chicken also turned bad.


No wait, actually no sigh.

I will get through this. I have been spending too much time online and on stupid Facebook anyways!
Great time to start weaning of cyberspace.

Ok, now I am rambling.
Also, I have not heard back from Loren at all.

So Loren,
If you are still alive.

Please send me a sign?

Love muchly

endpost :)

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