Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loren: Befall Prefall Givenchy

As quoted from,

"Summoning his signature brew of dark romanticism and Latin influences, Riccardo Tisci drew inspiration from Peruvian diva Yma Sumac and Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, particularly their self-assured ways of wearing severe looks, for the house’s pre-fall lineup."

Now see a photo of  Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter and Yma Sumac, a noted Peruvian soprano.

All right? Thinking what dear Mr. Tisci has dreamt up from these two?

(Sorry about the small resolution. I'm trying to get the hang of Picasa.)
Honestly, when I read the influences behind this collection, I was a trifle worried, picturing severe mono-brows, fancy head-dresses and gold lamé dresses. I was quite delighted to see this dark palette, feather and fringing still a trend here, simple lines with uncanny structure, playing a bit with textures and geometric pattern. These are outfits that you can imagine on the streets of Paris and New York, heck, I think I have seen people wearing similar styles during Paris Fashion week. It is this factor of familiarity that makes me like it and dislike it a bit at the same time. Does this mean that he is bowing to economic pressure and making his clothes *gasps* marketable? Still, its an interesting collection, one that is comparatively a lot less severe that his previous collections. (Note: Biased Givenchy fan here.)
I am especially fond of this outfit.
I suppose that its nothing really new, something that you can see on Queen Michelle of Kingdom Of Style for sure (actually come to think of it, the model has the same kind of hair and body structure like the fascinating Queen Michelle.) but I think I would like to try and interpret this look for my winter 2009 wardrobe. 
Although chances are, being asian, I'll end up looking like this instead:
Grrr. Argh!
No. That isn't me. 
(Though I do have the same striking facial features... ...must be a distant relative. Hmmm.)

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