Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Loren: A ear is to a hole, as a cleaver is to a mole

For the longest time, the only incentive I had for re-piercing my ears was the distant promise of having chanel earrings. The thought of having those interlocking CC logo studs or the camelia flower adorning my earlobes was enticing enough for me to consider going through the hassle of getting my ears re-pierced. Let it be said that I had a pretty horrible experience getting my ear pierced lopsided where the front hole was not aligned with the behind hole, the holes were uneven and then to top it all off, I had a pretty bad infection which made it painful everytime I slid an earring in or out. 

I gave up on trying to maintain having ear holes when I was wincing over the pain while trying to slip a stud into the hole, while my fingertips were slippery with blood. I figured that it had to be my malay/muslim genes, mutating my flesh to make it docile to the whole "you shalt not do anything to alter your body in any form" rule even though my spirit has more pierced holes than swiss cheese. in switzerland. in cheese season.

I figured that after I attained a job, after I pay off my debts, after I buy something extravagant for every one that I care for (thankfully its a short list), then I would treat myself to a pair of chanel earrings, and simultaneously get my ears pierced. Til then, there isn't any rush. That was until I saw these earrings.

Come on, they are awesome. They could not be more perfect if there was faux blood stains on the cleaver, or a tiny bullet hanging next to the pistol. Tilly doesn't agree, but then again, she doesn't share my attraction to everything morbid and macabre. 

These earrings are part of a collection by MissBibi, aka Brigitte Giraudi, a french designer inspired by the world of childhood and nostalgia. Taking inspiration from everyday objects and toys to transform them into fine jewellery. Ranging from murderous weapons (I would love to own every piece) to food, to fashion objects, every piece has carefully crafted details that separates them from the ordinary to elegance. 


I can't help but wish to live in the world she visions, where hatchets can be worn around the neck, musket guns as hair clips, matches as rings and wire hangers as earrings. Makes me feel like writing a murderous version of Alice in Wonderland infused with the SAW movies. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to watch a couple of zombie movies while fingering my scarred ear lobes.

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